Admissions Process

Clients are able to receive treatment within hours of their first phone call to Acworth. There’s no heavy lifting required or barriers to treatment here. We walk clients and their loved ones through the entire process, so they know what to expect and feel at ease and secure upon arrival and throughout their treatment. 

1. Call for a Personalized & Private Consultation

From the first call, our highly trained admissions team gets to know each client to determine the duration and medical requirements they may need for  a comfortable detox. They also  consult with families, insurance companies and provide an in depth overview of the outpatient program. 

2. Pre-Admission Screening & Scheduling

Right before arrival, clients will be provided with information on what to bring, what to wear and what to expect during treatment. Most clients’ insurance policies cover the cost of treatment and they are able to arrive within 12-48 hours of the first phone call. Loved ones are also consulted on how to support their loved one while at home. 

3. Same or Next Day Intake

Clients arrive in the morning at our discreet facility convenient to major highways. They are examined by medical professionals and the course of treatment is started. The first day may require a longer observation period to ensure they are comfortable and the medications are working as intended. 

4. Management at Home

Clients leave our detox lounge and return home to finish their course of treatment after they have been discharged by the Medical Director. Clients receive no more than the amount of medication required to help them comfortably detox until their appointment the next morning. While outside of our care, clients have 24/7 access to our medical staff if questions or concerns arise. If a client doesn’t have a stable environment to return to, Acworth staff will recommend safe sober housing options.

5. Daily Care

Clients return daily until their detox is complete and they are stable. They spend between 2-4 hours at our center every morning receiving medical care, staying for observation, one-on-one counseling and case management. Prior to completing the program, our clinicians provide clients and their families with a tangible plan to follow for long term support and day to day abstinence. 

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