Outpatient Detox

Our flexible programming empowers you to get better while meeting your responsibilities at work and at home.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox

Outpatient treatment is ideal for busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, and other people with a whole host of responsibilities. When you enroll in an outpatient detox program, you’ll receive top-of-the-line care without leaving your job, kids, spouse, or pets behind. If you have a safe living situation, you can even stay at home while you get sober. If not, we can connect you with a reputable sober living facility in the area.

Detox is recommended for those discontinuing specific substances, including:


People reliant on the above substances need medical supervision when getting sober. Sudden cessation of alcohol or benzodiazepines may result in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens and seizures.

 Other drugs, especially stimulants, can be difficult to quit without professional help. It is recommended that people who take these drugs seek an outpatient program. Intense cravings, paranoia, and aggression are just a few of the withdrawal symptoms that detox experts can help you with.

What We Do

Acworth Outpatient Detox provides structure, accountability, and medication management to those in the earliest phase of sobriety. Our qualified medical and behavioral health specialists will begin by speaking with you about your history of substance use. We’ll discuss any underlying concerns, including the presence of co-occurring mental illnesses. From there, our team members will craft your individualized treatment plan. This serves as your personal roadmap to recovery.

Once your treatment plan is in place, you’ll begin participating in our outpatient detox programming. Our providers will prescribe medications to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms you experience. You will also have access to our counseling services, which lay the groundwork for 12-Step recovery. Through these therapeutic interventions, you will gradually find freedom from addiction.

Take the First Step

Many people keep using because they’re worried about what withdrawal will be like. At Acworth Outpatient Detox, we effectively and safely manage your withdrawal symptoms. Medical personnel are available 24/7 and guide you through the process with compassion and kindness. Contact our admissions office today to find out whether our outpatient approach is right for you.

What Happens After detox?

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