At Acworth Outpatient Detox, we pride ourselves on helping each person recover on their own terms. We invite you to browse these testimonials from clients past and present.

acworth outpatient detox reviews

I Was Able to Detox at Home and Still Be With My Family​

“This place saved my life and started me on the road to my recovery! The staff were always friendly, kind, and truly invested in my well-being. I was always greeted, my vital signs were checked… they made sure I was stable and getting the right medication I needed to detox safely with a very mild, minimal withdrawal symptoms.   

Detoxing off opiates was my case, but I know they help all sorts of people. I was desperate and wanted to be sober very badly, but could not bear through the withdrawals and did not want to leave my children, my husband, and my dog to go into an inpatient detox setting.

It was truly a blessing that I was able to detox at home, be functional through it, and still be able to be with my family.

Thank you AOD!! I have already recommended them to a few people I know trying to get sober I would definitely recommend them to anybody who wants to detox safely at home!”

– Katelyn S.

Truly a Top-Notch Treatment Facility

“The people at Acworth sincerely care about their patients and have the most professional staff I have been involved with. As a parent of a former addict, I would not recommend a facility to anyone seeking help that I did not support. Acworth is truly a top-notch treatment facility.”

– Angie D.

It Was the Perfect Solution

“I sent a sponsee here after a relapse. It was a perfect solution for his current life situation. They help get them to a point where he could transition into a long-term care facility where he could get the help her needed. Staff was friendly yet direct with him. It most likely saved his life. A level of gratitude goes out to the services and staff. God bless.”

– Matthew R.

Showed Great Concern for My Detox Process

“Thank you very much Acworth Outpatient Detox! You showed great concern for my detox process, and support for my commitment to sobriety. I’m still going strong. And thank you Nick for the multiple follow-ups. Five stars!”

– Andrew J.

Made Her Feel Comfortable at One of the Most Uncomfortable Times in Her Life

“I had a family member struggling with alcohol dependency. When she finally reached out for help, Acworth Outpatient Detox made the entire process extremely simple. Their staff was extremely helpful, and they really made her feel comfortable at one of the most uncomfortable times in her life.

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone struggling with drugs and alcohol.”

– Chris K.

I Have Been Sober Ever Since

“I am truly grateful for being referred to Acworth Outpatient Detox! I needed help and the staff stepped up to the plate and gave me tremendous help. I have been sober ever since and highly recommend them to help you!”

– Brian C.

I Would Trust the Staff Here to Take Care of My Own Family and Friends

“I have worked with Acworth Outpatient Detox both professionally and personally. Their facility is an absolute asset to the area. Their phenomenal staff are welcoming and thorough. The facility is inviting and easily located off 75. I would trust the staff here to take care of my own family and friends who are struggling with substance abuse issues and require detox.”

– Daniel R.

AOD is Saving Lives

“As an owner of a sober living in Acworth and Woodstock I cannot say enough good things about AOD! The attention that the staff gives the clients is incredible. The women who have been clients in detox have been able to participate in their daily lives while receiving the appropriate medical care of detox usually associated with inpatient facilities. AOD is saving lives and contributing to our local community by encouraging and supporting restoration of individuals with substance abuse. Thank you AOD!”

– True N.

This is the Place to Go

“If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for substance abuse, this is the place to go to. The staff at AOD is professional and courteous. Your health and well being is their top priority.”

– Annie M.

Professional, Caring, and Discreet

“Professional, caring, and discreet. AOD is the perfect place if you or a loved one is in need of help with alcohol/substance abuse.”

– Daniel G.

Excellent Service That Really Saves Lives

“Wonderful knowledge and professional staff! Excellent service that really saves lives!”

– Joseph F.

A Wonderful Stepping Stone

“This place was a wonderful stepping stone in my journey of recovery.”

– Pat M.

Detox in your own home, on your own terms.